monitor-68hc08 is a GPL serial monitor to access and modify the content of 68HC08 compliant chips . This software is written in C, under GPL, and claims to be highly portable, and highly scriptable. It can upload hexa and S19 files in RAM and/or FLASH of any 68HC08 chip, such as the MC68HC908GR8, MC68HC908KX8, MC68HC908JL3, MC68HC908JK3, and the MC68HC908JB8 from motorolla. You can get a litst of suported CPUs by hitting 'monitor-68hc08 -h' , but if your favorite micropressor is not in that list, just email me the URL of the technical documentation of the CPU, and I will do my possible to make a new port ASAP. Since it is POSIX, even when I wrote it for Linux, it should run on most UNIX system.
It is command lined and was desgned to be highly scriptable; it can of course be run in interactive mode, but can perform anything in automated mode.
The readme
After a long time of work, I released monitor-68HC08_1.01.
It is a software written in C under GPL(= freely distribuable), which can be compiled and run under any POSIX OS (all UNIx, Linux ...) , and is able to upload a bit of code(s19 file) in many Motorolla MC68HC908xxx chips through the serial port.
Supported targets(68hc prefix ): 908JB8, 908JL3, 908JK1, 908JK3, 908KX2, 908KX8, 908GR4, 908GR8.
If any of you ever thought about doing electronic under Linux, here a tool you might need to program your favourit chips ^^
PS: for those how really want to get rid of proprietary softwares, I also recommend the use of ASL compiler.
This software is part of a bigger project of mine ...
Project description
project log_book
I also heard about a free Linux driver for the MCT evaluation board; if you are interessed in that, just mail me: bug-mon68hc908 at demaine tod info
Happy computing for all .